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FW: GEMS Question

>From Gail in Alaska,  see following message and let me know please.


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From:	Gail Fenumiai [SMTP:Gail_Fenumiai@gov.state.ak.us]
Sent:	Monday, June 21, 1999 4:11 PM
To:	asailsman@earthlink.net
Subject:	GEMS Question

I am attempting to set up the database for the special election.  Rather
then re-invent the wheel, I copied the general election database and recreated my one race - jurisdiction wide ballot question.  I am having problems creating ballots.  I get an error message that says "Could not lay out all the ballots"  I only get one ballot card instead of 40.
Evidently I am doing something wrong or else I need a newer version of GEMS.  I am currently running on version and Service Pack 4.  Is there a newer version that I should be using and/or do I need to upgrade to Service Pack 5?