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Re: ROM level equivalencies

Guy, You've probably done this before, but could you post the ROM equivalencies (i.e. 1.94f !  =  1.94w   etc.) to the support list?  It would be greatly appreciated. Tyler
Here goes:

1.94f+ <-> 1.94i
1.94f- <-> 1.94j
1.94f* <-> 1.94k
1.94f^ <-> 1.94l
1.94f& <-> 1.94n
1.94f# <-> 1.94o
1.94f< <-> 1.94p
1.94f> <-> 1.94u
1.94f@ <-> 1.94v
1.94f! <-> 1.94w

Guy Lancaster <glanca@gesn.com>
Global Election Systems Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada