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Fw: Getting up to speed with AVTS-3-5-1 and GEMS-1-10-2

Is the working knowledge of the Accu-Vote TS a closed shop, or is it
premature, or is it too difficult for Sales Guys, or not everybody should
know in case they start asking questions, or is it just  not documented and
nobody wants to?

-----Original Message-----
From: Greg Forsythe <gfglobal@earthlink.net>
To: Support <support@gesn.com>
Date: June 11, 1999 9:07 AM
Subject: Getting up to speed with AVTS-3-5-1 and GEMS-1-10-2

>I have an Accu-Vote-TS Electronic Precinct System 2000 touchscreen with
>modem, serial number 12365, that I would like to bring up to the current
>level of software.  I believe TS 3.5.1 is the latest version.
>I have absolutely no idea how to do this.
>I loaded TSText-1-9-6 to see what was in there and how it affected
>GEMS-1-9-6.  That did not tell me very much.  In GEMS the Vote Centre has a
>choice to use either Accu-Vote or AccuTouch but not much more.
>I would appreciate a list of materials required and a procedure to bring
>this TS up to GEMS-1-10-2 and
>AVTS-3-5-1 so that I may usefully demonstrate and sell this product.