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RE: AccuVote-TS - Version 3-5-1

Fifteen more lashes for Whitman.  I'll put up the new AVTSTemplate now.  The
password will be vxdeynjmoiofe.

The AVTS release numbering convention is the same as GEMS.  The database
format changes every major release.  Eg, from 3.4.x to 3.5.x, but not 3.5.x
to 3.5.y.


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> From: owner-support@gesn.com [mailto:owner-support@gesn.com]On Behalf Of
> Jeff Hintz
> Sent: Thursday, June 10, 1999 10:45 AM
> To: Support Team (E-mail)
> Subject: AccuVote-TS - Version 3-5-1
> I have just loaded up the new TS version 3-5-1 onto a TS unit and
> do the download with Gems 1-10-2, but during the dowload process
> I get the error Too few parameters.  Expected 1.  Is there a
> newer Election.mdb that has to be loaded also??  I currently have
> Election.mdb dated 5-18-99.
> Jeff Hintz
> Global Election Systems
> Omaha, NE