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City of Belmont, NC - Gems Election Database

Hi All,

I have put up on the FTP site - pub\incoming, the City of Belmont election database for Gems.  The password for the zip file is aml34zpo9tt, and the password for the Gems database is 1111.  It has been set up for 7 Reporting Precincts, although the last 3 probably should have been seperate Cumulative Counter Groups, but this is the way they wanted it.  Everything is working fine for AccuVote and Gems.  The only little quirk that we have with this election as compared to the California election is that we are counting the Absentees both on the AccuVote as well as AccuTouch.  I have set up 2 different Counter Groups for this, Electronic Absentee and Postal Absentee.  Again, this works fine for the AccuVote, but I don't know what is needed to be done on the database for the AccuTouch side.  As soon as I get the modified database from Tom Goetzinger, I will put it up on the FTP site so Tab or Whitman can fix whatever needs to be done to be able to upload the Electronic Absentee totals.


Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems