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Re: Firware for Minnesota accounts

Barry Herron wrote:

>         We may be ask to deliver the Minnesota units by May 10th.  We need to
> install the firware level that supports the names on tape in ballot order
> and that tabulates the ballots by type for absentees voted at the precinct.
>  When will these versions be fully tested and able to install in the order
> as the units are being built?

  Good question.  Other than a few questions since the Beta 1.95d release of
99-2-8, there has been no response.  Either no news is good news or else no one
has checked it out yet.  Either way, we the developers need those requesting new
features to check that our changes meet their requirements and let us know
whether it's yay or nay.

  CURRENT STATUS: Beta 1.95d contains the blank ballot bug of 1.94u.  There has
been no feedback on whether the new new 195anoka.abo produces the required

  IAN: perhaps you could let us know who, if anyone, has received copies of Beta

  MINNESOTA SUPPORT: Someone needs to run some acceptance tests.  Check the AV
reports for proper candidate ordering on rotated ballots (the implementation
changed with 1.95d) and that the vote center and precinct labels are formatted

  There is about a 1 day turnaround from the time that we commit to a release
before we can start filling orders and then normally another day to receive the
ROMs.  Lets not leave it to the last minute.

Guy Lancaster <glanca@gesn.com>
Global Election Systems Inc., Victoria, B.C., Canada
Phone: (250)995-8627