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Re: accuvote release 1.94v

I agree with you there Frank.  Thinking of the few AccuVote messages that
use the scrolling feature makes my skin crawl.  As it is, the AccuVote LCD
contents don't always intuitively spring out at the operator - a cryptic,
disjointed race description would have an even less enticing effect on poll
workers.  Nel
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From: Fkglobal@aol.com <Fkglobal@aol.com>
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Date: Friday, February 26, 1999 3:08 AM
Subject: accuvote release 1.94v

>I'm really not trying to be belabor the point, BUT ...
>We've sold literally thousands of AccuVotes without this as a feature.  If
>account needs it as an option, fine.
>I don't believe this should be a general release function.