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Re: Windows NT Application Error

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From: Jane Barth <barthjl@csi.com>
To: Software and Hardware Support (E-mail) <support@gesn.com>
Date: Tuesday, February 23, 1999 12:15 PM
Subject: Windows NT Application Error

>Hi All,
>In GEMS I defined a "signature" heading and performed a cut n
paste on a scanned bitmap signature file. The cut n paste works fine, but
when I select the OK button, I get a Windows NT Application Error.  The
bitmap file is only 433k.  Any suggestions?
>Jane Barth

This is a very large bit map.  GEMS will only allow saving of 128K of rtf
data (which includes the bitmap).  If the bitmap is using color I suggest
you convert it to black and white otherwise you will need to reduce the size
of the bitmap using Paint.