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RE: Online help tools

> Me again. Here are my conclusions regarding our online help tool
> discussion: MS HTML is good as far as it goes.  The pitfalls are that it
> is very bulky--it generates a big number of small files.

This is not correct.  HTML help projects are compiled into a single compressed .chm file (stands for Compiled HTML).

> Doc-To-Help from WexTec vs 4.0 will let you build files under MS Word,
> then by menu choice with one click generate any of the following:

I do notice looking at their web page that Doc-To-Help supports export to HTML Help as well as Microsoft's previous generation .hlp files.  I am not really clear on what it gains us over using the standard (and free) Microsoft tools though.  I don't think the $800 is much of an issue if it does indeed buy us something.

My only serious concern is whether the format in which they store documents is proprietary or not.  How, for example, do they store hyperlinks?  I would prefer to stick with an open format if at all possible (XML, HTML, OpenDoc) so we are not locked into a particular authoring vendor.