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Timetable for Docs

Hi folks,

As of right now, I am working on a GEMS (only) User Guide, followed by 
Reference Manual. Feedback all concurred with precedent in the industry:  
What is needed is the User Guide following the tutorial track, along 
with a Reference Manual that documents fields, menus, views, etc. So I 
plan to run with MS on the wisdom of two manuals. (Yeah, I know the 
ultimate oxymoron is Microsoft Works! )

As I understand it, the big things carried over from AccuTouch would 
include:  Ballot Station/AccuTouch, Poll Book, and Audit Viewer code.

Big picture, the goal is to get through certification, then focus on 
clean easy-to-update-and-deliver documentation. Certification is the 
piece that leaves me lost.

With regards to a timetable I'm a little confused. Is the plan to go to 
Nichols with GEMS? Go to Nichols with the merged 
GEMS/AccuTouch/Accu-Vote system? Or are we headed to WYLE and Nichols 
with a new system that includes both software and hardware updates?  

The what and when are fuzzy.  Help me out.


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