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Gaston County Precinct numbers

I have talked to both Sandra Ware and Sandra Page this morning and the
following is their requirements for the ABC referendum.

Precinct # 22 - Belmont #1

Precinct # 23 - Belmont #2

Precinct # 24 - Belmont #3

Precinct # 26 - South Point

Precinct # 46 - Absentee

Precinct # 47 - Transfers

Precinct # 48 - Provisional

The top four, (22, 23, 24, 26) will be accessible at the precinct poll
books. The poll book at the One Stop,( Accutouch, and paper ballots mail in)
are considered the absentee precinct (# 46)for reporting purposes. The
ballots recorded on the Accutouch units and the ballots read by the Accuvote
as paper absentee ballots, must be reported separately as subtotals and then
combined with totals.

Curbside ballots ( same paper ballots from absentees) will be hand counted
at precinct by precinct officials then reported to Board of Elections to be
added to electronic total of the corresponding precinct after election

We need to be capable of adding the curbside ballots after they have been
authorized by the Board of Elections to the electronic count of the
corresponding precinct. As an audit requirement even though  this count is
added to the precinct it should still report it as a subtotal called

The same reporting requirement for Transfer and Provisional these will be
done on paper Ballots then submitted to the board for authorization. These
then must be added to the total as the corresponding precinct as above
mentioned at the main Gems PC but still reported as a subtotal to the
corresponding precinct. (47 & 48)

I have asked them to supply me with a list of required Gems Reports to give
to Jeff to make sure that we have them all covered.  If not then he will
generate an RCR to add the required report.  I do not see this need at this
time but we will check to make sure.