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New software for California Election

I have just finished loading the newest Gems and Accu-Touch software and here are my findings and questions.

Ballot Station
There is no Disk option any more for Transfer only Network & My Connection.
What needs to be running on Gems for the Transfer via Network or Ras to work??  I have Network & Ras both setup on the Server & Accu-Touch computers, but when I select either option and try to transfer I get Couldn't Find Host.  Is there something else that is not defined correctly on the Server or Accu-Touch??
The Clear Totals Function works properly, however, maybe there shoud be some warning before clearing right away.  Also, maybe we want to have a backup of the last 10 sets before overwriting the first, possibly with date and time ie: Backup-2-12-99-1-30pm.
I don't think it is necessary to backup the Database, only the Results and Audit files.  The Database should be in the Administrators possession, since it was loaded onto the Accu-Touch machines by them.

Poll Book
Nothing happens when I select Transfer under the Options menu.
Still cannot Import the Election database from the A drive, it needs to look for A:\My Elections\ under the registry string DefDir.
There is no clear totals function.

Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems