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Re: AF status and colored ballots (was Questions)

Guy Lancaster wrote:
It might help to look at the stock through a red filter and draw marks on the stock and check that there is a good contrast between marks and paper.
It would only help if that filter was of the same color as the reader light.  Also lighting conditions at the time of viewing would have an impact.  The reader needs at least a 32% contrast with the background color of the ballot.  Can anybody look at a mark through a red filter with questionable lighting conditions and stake your life (or the company's) that it is acceptable?

We have a ballot spec that lists all available background colors for ballots with an industry standard Pantone reference number.  This means that all Accu-Votes will properly read ballots with these background colors.

If a print shop is unsure of a color match to our specification colors, there are devices available to measure color ($1000 to $2000 each) or they can send a sample in for testing (at a cost) with our own in-house device.

IIt's a time consuming process which is why the number of available tested colors is limited.
More testing will not produce any more Pantone colors.  What you got right now is all that you will ever get.
  That said, if you find a very pale blue stock of a paper type that works properly with the AV (that's another discussion), bets are that it will work fine since the paleness suggests that it is reflecting all light colors and not just blue.
A pale shade of blue will still look gray when viewed by the reader.