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Hardware prototype samples for software development and hardware testing.

The following components will be ordered as samples for Software & Hardware testing and development.
From SCM Microsystems:
Item: SwapSmart PC/SC Developers Kit
QTY: 3 units      One for Vancouver
                          One for Omaha
                          One for McKinney
Info: www.scmmicro.com/products/scint_sc.htm
From: MicroTech Int'l.
QTY: 3 units     Distribution same as above.
Info: www.microtechint.com/qs-ssfdcadp16.html
From: Dynamic Power
Item: Apollo UPS Power Supply Model # A-950
QTY: 3 units       Distribution same as above.
Info: www.dynamicpower.nl/aboutapollo.htm
Three new AccuTouch units will be modified to bring out internal PCMCIA reader to the side of unit.
Once this is done we will ship one to each of the above locations for development.  Let me know if you want us to install Apollo UPS on these unit or you can do them yourself when you finally get them.  Remember these are coming in from the Netherlands and it may take some time.
The Apollo UPS power supply will help familiarize us with the design criteria of such devices for our future hardware development and also help us find a solution for our existing model requirements for battery backup.
The SmartMedia adapter will provide a means to record election result to flash ram from the side of the units instead of the rear imation floppy. This is a must for Howard and Bob U..  If we can adapt our current software to handle this, we will probably add this capability to all of our existing units.  Also this will give the software development team time to experiment with flash media for new hardware & software development.
The swapsmart PC/SC developers kit will provide an external PCMCIA reader to install on your existing development PC's allowing you to test all PCMCIA software development on your PC without having to use a modified Accutouch with PCMCIA.  The kit also includes a PCMCIA adapter the will allow the use of Smart Cards and Memory Cards that we presently use as Manager cards and voter cards.  The thought here is the possibility of using the same PCMCIA reader for both functions in the new hardware, thus elimination the need for and additional Smart card reader.
All of the above are suppose to include drivers and support for Windows 95,NT and CE.