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Re: Docs Organization

For Rita

In a message dated 2/9/99 5:02:35 PM Pacific Standard Time, ken@gesn.com

<< That is, there is no single process to walk the user though. >>  

This needs to be acknowledged clearly in the documentation.  That the process
flow presented is one of many possible ways to implement the election process,
and that each user will have their own specific requirements.  I like the idea
of a simple and complex example for each phase of the election setup process.

<<For example, you can then describe the procedure for setting up
combined absentee reporting.  If the user already knows what that means (or
have read enough to know it doesn't apply to them),>>

It would also be helpful to have a synonym section in the documentation.
Where they may use "ward" in one location for precinct, another jurisdiction
may use "ward" to mean supervisor district.  In some locations, "early voting"
is a seperate category of voting (Nevada, Texas, maybe others), whereas in
California it's a subset of absentee.  In Vancouver a "poll" is a precinct. In
most places in the US a poll is the physical voting location of one or more