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Accu-Vote Beta Release 1.95d

  For those involved in the Minnesota elections, the latest 1.95 beta release is available for evaluation from  Ian  at the McKinney office.  The release notes for the latest 1.95 changes are attached.  Please order your copies and check them out ASAP so that we can freeze further changes and make a general release in time for the upcoming elections.

  For those not involved in the Minnesota election, we will be incorporating these features in a merged Accu-Vote/Accu-Touch release scheduled for this spring.  1.95 is considered an interrim release to meet Minnesota requirements now but will be discontinued once the version 2 Precinct Count firmware is released.

  If you have voting requirements that are not currently supported, you should ensure that they are posted to the rcr@ mailing list.  Please post one requirement per message and ensure that the subject line gives a clear title that we can use to track the project.  Fixes to existing features should of course be posted to the support@ list.

  And let's have a great year.


Guy Lancaster <glanca@gesn.com>
Global Election Systems Inc., Victoria, B.C., Canada
Phone: (250)995-8627

Title: Accu-Vote Beta Release 1.95d
Accu-Vote 2000 - Beta Release 1.95d
Revised February 9, 1999


To meet requirements of the state of Minnesota which include reporting candidates in the order that they appear on the ballot (the rotated order) and printing the voting center and precinct names on the results tapes.  This latest 1.95 release also incorporates the fixes made to the the 1.94 releases.  Once this release is accepted, it will be re-issued as a general release.


The 1.95d release of the Accu-Vote firmware is based on the 1.95c release. The precinct count upload protocol remains compatible with all 1.9x VTS versions. The precinct count download protocol and the memory cards are NOT compatible with previous 1.95 releases and require an upcoming release of GEMS and new Accu-Basic (abo) files.


This is a limited Beta release for the purposes of testing and certification and is subject to further change before being released for general use.

Precinct Counter (PC) Release

  • (AE PC Beta 1.95d) Precinct Counter American English Beta Release 1.95d with checksums A:857D and B:57B5 dated 99-2-8.
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