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Re: Alameda Election

In a message dated 2/3/99 9:07:33 AM Pacific Standard Time,
jhhintz@worldnet.att.net writes:

<< Also, I am going to make my plans for the trip out to San Francisco this
week and would like to know what Hotels are around the City of Piedmont area.
Brad Clark, Registrar of Voters in Alameda, is suggesting that anyone from
Global should stay at the Clarion Lake Merrit Hotel, 1800 Madison St. Oakland.
Tel. No. is

<<Does the Accu-Touch database need to have an absentee voting location AV003,
or should this be taken out so there is no confusion for the voting locations
on election day.>>

The AccuTouch should not require an absentee (AV) precinct.  Tari has created
an AccuVote Piedmont database with 6 voting precincts and an AV precinct.  Tab
indicates that this will be the Accumulation database. An AccuVote will be
used to tabulate the AV's and uploaded to the Piedmont database that Tari made
up. From your standpoint, you shouldn't need an AV precinct, as the AT will
have nothing to do with AVs.  

We will need to manually enter provisional ballots into the (AccuTouch) GEMS
accumulated precinct results during the canvass process.  So this will need to
be tested in GEMS as well with this db.