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Smart Card compatible with EBS 1.1.3

Hi Tab:

I'm at Ann Rawlins' desk.  Don't be confused about the address.

It appears that EBS 1.1.3 can only use 64 kbit smart cards ($4.50/ea.
our cost).  If you use 1 kbit smart cards ($1.25/ea. our cost) the LED
an the smart card reader lights up as RED and not GREEN.  The 1 kbit
smart cards work, it just that for demo purposes you'd like to have the
LED on the reader do the right thing.  Kerry and Rodney seem to think it
has to do with a .DLL file.  Could you find out what needs to be changed
to allow 1 kbit smart cards to work properly with the smart card

I only have a limited supply of the 64 kbit cards and everybody seems to
want demo units with EBS 1.1.3 on them.  I am going to run out of 64
kbit cards soon if the situation doesn't change and I don't want to
order any more 64 kbit smart cards if I don't have to.


Ian S. Piper