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Certification update from last week

Florida -   Completed Phase 1 of the test plan for GEMS 1-17, Accu Touch, AccuVote and Accu Feed.  I will try to schedule phase 2 for early September, but the dates are actually up to the Florida Division of Elections.  We will have to submit the VIBS portion as an additional item to our certification plan.  Until it is ready and tested we can not finalize the application. Thanks to Jeff Hintz for his work on this portion of the test.


Arizona -         Presented GEMS 1-17 and R6 touch screen.  Hearing went well and now we have to complete Wyle certification on the R6 and obtain NASED number to be sent to Arizona SOS.  They will then release their findings.  Thanks to Tari Runyan and Don Vopalensky.  Thanks to Frank Kaplan for letting Dana Latour observe her first certification hearing.


Wyle  -


Low Temperature, High Temperature, Humidity, Bench Handling, Vibration, Transit Drop, 163 hour volume , FCC Part 15 Emissions are all completed.  Source Code review is in the 3rd review.  Once that is successful the Hardware Functional Test will begin.



Metamor –


GEMS High Speed Central Count sent in for start of certification process.



West Virginia –


Received approval for touch screen and GEMS pending final certification by Wyle of the R6.



Larry J. Dix

Vice President of Operations

Global Election Systems