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RE: Packaging of Sales Demo displays

When I tried to Velcro the units together – FED EX forbid me from doing so?????    I guess strapping material is the way to go.




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Subject: Packaging of Sales Demo displays


I just had a conversation with our shipping department in regards to the shipping and return of the sales demo displays.  As most of you are aware we have a new display, that when the 2 pieces are packaged properly, they are designed to strapped together and shipped as one.   There are velcro straps and buckles attached to the pieces for this purpose. If needed you can also run a band of strapping tape around the 2 pieces to insure they are not separated.


We have one occasion where 1/2 of the booth was misplaced by Fed Ex Ground. It took over a month and repeated phone calls to get it back. We have again received 1/2 of a booth - Hopefully the other half will be delivered tomorrow. If everyone involved with shipping the booths will make an effort to strap the 2 pieces together we can avoid this problem from now on.


It is vitally important to strap both pieces of the booth together for shipping.  Please take responsibility in making sure that the display is packaged correctly.


Thanks for every ones help.





Larry J. Dix

Vice President of Operations

Global Election Systems