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Central Count

As some of you remember, Jeff showed a brief video of a central count machine which captured ballot images.  Dana and I demoed this in Washington on two occasions and while the demonstration served its purpose there are a few things to understand. 
  • The demo equipment came in 3 large crates requiring truck with lift gate.  One case probably weighs 250lbs plus.  You've got to take the equipment out of the case in order for two or three people to load it onto the rolling base.  This is not something you'll find yourself wanting to demonstrate except in the most important of situations.  More likely, you'll want to establish an account and have people go see it.  Logistics are too tough to expect to take this with you on a sales call.
  • People liked that it could be used for ballot counting, scanning of voter cards with OCR capability, and scanning absentee envelopes and clipping signatures.
  • The software is not yet interfaced to GEMS as of last week, nor is the user interface complete.  I believe it will be good when it is ready, and certainly Peter Martin (the person programming) was helpful and interested in election officials feedback.  But its not soup yet.
  • We took some video (no sound) and I've had it burned to CD with an autostart program on it so it will display on your laptop with the Global logo displaying.  You can use this during sales calls.  The idea is for you to do your own voice over while it is being displayed.  I can talk you through whatever isn't clear.  Its short, about 4 minutes or so with about 6 segments to the clip, including a brief image of duplication.
  • I'm sending 10 copies to Mckinney tomorrow and they can distribute from there.
Good Luck with it.
Steve Knecht
Global Election Systems
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