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Should we grab accuvote.com?

[I just joined this list and I see that I'm one of the last.  Hello everybody.]

  Having joined joined Lorrie Cranor's mailing list a couple weeks ago (http://www.research.att.com/~lorrie/voting/), I see that Internet voting is a hot topic these days.  There are a lot of people out there that believe that anything that makes it easier to vote is a good thing.  There are also many people that have reasons to believe that it's still a little premature and that we should hold back and really think through the ramifications before jumping in.  I belong to the latter crowd.

  However, as a company, we must be sensative to market demands and perceptions.  Already we have competitors that will be able to point to us and say that we can't do this (http://www.votehere.net/ or http://registerhere.net/ and http://www.votation.com/) and arguing that the infrastructure isn't ready yet just won't hold water.  The truth would seem to be that we don't have a plan (am I wrong?)  I suspect that everyone agrees that Internet and equivalent voting technologies are the wave of the future so it's just a matter of time before we'll have to climb on board.

  That said, I think we should consider registering the accuvote.com domain and probably accu-vote.com while we're at it.  I just checked and they're still available.  I don't believe that we have trademarked the term Accu-Vote (I could be wrong), but even it we did it's an expensive and time consuming process to get the domain back if someone else has registered it first.  For now we would just point these domains to our current servers and they'd get one of our current Web sites.  In the future, accuvote.com would be easier to market as an Internet voting site than globalelection.com or dieboldes.com.

  Registering a domain is simple and costs only US$35 per year or less (it's just opened to competition).  If we don't want accuvote.com as a company, maybe I'll grab it myself.  It could be worth serious money in a couple years...

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