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Re: Computers

Case in point:  Why do we need a 100GIGABYTE backup system for a database that maxes out at 1meg. 
For the Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo computer configs, it was a must that the tape backup from the 2400 server be compatible with the tape system in the 1300 server.  DELL stated the only way they could configure this was to put the 10GB/192GB Autoloader DAT tape backup into the 2400.  That tape drive is capable of producing backups in the DDS-1, DDS-2, and DDS-3 formats.  I'm not sure what format the 1300 tape drive reads, but DELL assures me that the 2400 (in that config) can produce tapes that the 1300 can read.
Blame me for the configuration change.  Perhaps I should have just ordered the 2400 and 1300 without tape backups, and just purchased them separately for you to install.  I thought I would save you time by getting DELL to do a factory install on the tape drives for you.  Sorry for the headaches it seems to have created for you.  Next time I'll ask you first what will be a time saver.  (P.S. See me first next time you need to bitch.  I'm probably the one to blame.)
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