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ES&S installations and numbers

Is there a list of ES&S 100 customers (poor souls) and elections using this product.
As far as I know their sales and elections are
Dallas                600        purchase
Hawaii               335        rental
Rhode Island      ???
Detroit               ???
They are the preferred vendor in the Toronto deal.  The North York/Toronto election team has worked with BRC since the late "80s.  Previous to this situation, BRC would refer potential customers to North York (now Toronto) for Optec demonstrations.  They sold one Optec system in Canada in the last three years.  The '100 product has never been used in Canada and only twice in other elections that I know of and both were problems.  
They are selling on their success in Venezuela as a reference point.
If we point out the success (or lack of) of the '100 since its marketing debut, surely some politicians will be concerned.  
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