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Fw: Louisiana Reps scrap Net voting plan

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From: Kim Alexander <kimalex@netcom.com>
To: Internet Voting Task Force <ivote@softwareindustry.org>
Date: Tuesday, June 22, 1999 3:31 PM
Subject: Louisiana Reps scrap Net voting plan

>Hi everyone,
>In case you missed it, the news is out that Louisiana's Republican Party
>will not go forward with a plan to cast their caucus votes on the
>Below is the Benton Foundation's recap of a story on today's New York Times
>Cybertimes from Rebecca Fairley Raney, who you may recall also wrote a
>story for Cybertimes about our task force.  The url for her whole story
>is below. See you all in San Mateo on Thursday -- Kim
>Issue: Internet/Voting
>Louisiana Republicans will have to vote the old-fashioned way the next time
>they conduct their caucus votes for Presidential candidates early next
>The Louisiana Republican Party originally planned to use the Internet to
>votes, but bitter conflict within the party scrapped the plan. On June
>12, the party voted against the plan. Mostly conservative Republicans
>opposed the plan saying the risk of voter fraud made the plan
>impractical. Backers of the plan wanted a good image for the state: "This
>is where Louisiana [had] a chance to say, 'We're the first in history."
>[SOURCE: New York Times (CyberTimes), AUTHOR: Rebecca Fairley Raney]
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