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Fw: Will Louisiana be first?

California task force on internet voting still going forward.  Anyone know
anything about Louisianna using internet voting??

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From: Kim Alexander <kimalex@netcom.com>
To: Internet Voting Task Force <ivote@softwareindustry.org>
Date: Wednesday, June 09, 1999 1:03 PM
Subject: Will Louisiana be first?

>Hello fellow task force members --
>I'd like to share with you a recent item about the possibility of
>Louisiana using Internet voting for their Republican Primary in January
>of 2000.  Also, I have heard that we may have another task force meeting
>on June 24th in San Mateo?  Can anyone please confirm or clarify?  I do
>hope we schedule another meeting soon, as there are lots of new
>developments and a ton of issues that need discussion. -- Kim
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>>Louisiana Republicans Looking to Initiate Internet Voting
>>The Louisiana G.O.P. is not only planning to hold the first
>>primary next year for the 2000 Presidential race, ahead of
>>traditional primary states New Hampshire and Iowa, but is
>>jockeying to be the first state to institute an Internet voting
>>system. State Republicans are likely to vote June 12 on Internet
>>voting for a party primary that could come as soon as Jan. 29, 2000.
>>Opponents of the new technological voting system have expressed
>>concerns over access.
>>According to an AP report, state Republican Party Executive Director
>>Becky Miller has proposed the employment of block hosts, Republicans
>>who would open their homes in various areas for use as voting sites.
>>Louisiana also held the first Republican primary in 1996, but
>>experienced low voter turnout. Only 20,000 voted in 1996,
>>partially because of long waits at voting booths. G.O.P. party
>>leaders hope that allowing voting via the Internet, which
>>has precedent with corporate shareholder proposals, will
>>encourage greater party participation.