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Re: AccuVote TS/OS Accumulator Unit - my 2 cents

I think I understand your points about a stand-alone accumulator.  However, I am a little confused about a few points so bear with me a little bit. 
First will you allow AccuVote or AccuVote TS units to able to modem to Accumulator unit?  Will you attach or install an internal or external modem to it or will it just keep it simple with only memory cards?
Often many jurisdictions, even within the same state, have different reporting requirements.  How do you maintain the flexibility and yet keep it simple for them to use?  Will you just be printing a summary report or will it also be able to print a SOVC report as well?  Will the Accumulator also have the ability to print other reports (i.e. AccuVote Status report to determine which polling locations have or have not uploaded results)?  And what about Internet reports?  And in which formats (text, HTML, PDF, Java, all)?
I've noticed the rapid pace with which the GEMS software changes.  How often will the Accumulator be upgraded?  How should it be done, in order to keep it simple for the jurisdiction and so that Global does not incur extra expenses?  How will it be maintained and service?  Also how will we keep track of all the different versions of GEMS on the Accumulators in the field?  With our central servers we now just call up our customers and ask them which version they are running. 
How will the Accumulator loaded with the election database and be tested to make sure it is operating correctly (hardware, software, communications)?
I don't know if this suggestion will be able to work in place of your idea for an Accumulator or not.  How about getting those jurisdictions who are too small to have a GEMS central computer, modem their results to McKinney via a 1 800 number programmed into their AccuVotes or AccuVote TS's?  We can charge them on an election usage basis.  Furthermore, we can host their election website from our own internet connection and send them all their reports.  The main problem I see to this idea is perhaps over coming their fear over losing control in the accumulation process.  However, since they always have the ballots and AccuVote report tapes, they have an audit trail.  Also since this idea is a service instead of a physical product like a stand alone accumulator, it is more difficult to discribe to the customer. 
Take care,
Robert Chen
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