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Fw: accu feed

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From: Ian S. Piper <ian@dieboldes.com>
To: John L. Mc Laurin <asailsman@earthlink.net>
Cc: announce@dieboldes.com <announce@dieboldes.com>
Date: Wednesday, February 10, 1999 1:47 PM
Subject: Re: accu feed

"John L. Mc Laurin" wrote:
 Has there been any further development on the status of our Accu Feed.  I.e. - reliability, faster, new design?
Hi John and others:

We are currently awaiting a proposal from an engineering firm for a retrofit design for the current feeder.  That proposal is scheduled to be in the latter part of this week.  The retrofit design is to produce a retrofit for an existing Accu-Feed that will make it more reliable, not faster.

We are also requesting proposals for new designs of a faster ballot counting system, but the retrofit feeder design has priority at this time.

The faster ballot counting system design is in its conception stage (not even an infant yet).  I have surveyed in-house marketing and in-house support staff on features for this design, which has served for the initial steps we needed to take for this project, but at this time I would like gather input from the field sales and field support staff.  I will not list off the features that we have discussed so far as I want everybody to give me a fresh approach that is unrestricted.

Remember, be realistic about what you perceive as the needs of the customer.  Technology can do a lot these days but it still can't perform miracles.  If you want this thing to fly to the moon, it may take 10  to 20 years to design it at a +$1,000,000 product cost.

Think not only of technical features but also ergonomics (i.e., shape, size, weight, operator access areas, operation flow, throughput, etc.).  I want to see your responses in an organized list (e.g. with headings like Technical Features, Ergonomic Features, Marketing Features, etc.).

Each feature is to have a weighting factor as follows:

3    Have to have it,
2    Should have it, if it can be done,
1    Not really necessary, but it would be nice.

Only those responses that come in by Monday, February 22, 1999 will have a chance for consideration.  This isn't short notice; you've probably already dreamed about what you want it to do, now put it to paper (or E-mail, which is just as good).

I thank you in advance for your contributions.  I hope we can all work toward a feasible solution.


Ian S. Piper