my wedding in pictures

Nov 21: Suruchi on the day of the Tilak

Nov 21: Exchanging Rings

Nov 21: Ha Ha we are officially engaged!

Nov 25: Suruchi on the morning of the wedding

Nov 25: Suruchi's henna before the wedding

Nov 25: Suruchi just before the wedding

Nov 25: The exchange of garlands

Nov 25: Suruchi and Mahim

Nov 25: Hey we did get married after 9yrs of romance!

Nov 25: The handsome groom :)

Nov 25: Old style wedding pic

Nov 25: Mahim admiring Suruchi's Henna

Nov 25: Posing for pics

Nov 25: Suruchi adjusting her veil

Nov 25: Declared man and wife!

Nov 25: Sindoor ceremony