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This page contains information about the Class of 2001 of the the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. By which I really mean, all the people who graduated in 2001 or joined in 1997, or, more generally, those who identify themselves as belonging to our class. You will find people here who were in 5-year programs from 1997 to 2002, and others who were in 2-year programs that ended in 2001.

If you belong on this list but are not on here yet, send me e-mail. If you know somone who should be on this page but isn't, please bug them to get on :)

The entries below which have been added or changed in the last couple of months are highlighted.

UPDATE: Aloke Bajpai has put us on the map! Check out this very cool Frappr page that shows where all of us are.

This is an alphabetical list. A department-wise list can be found here

The list of all the people missing from this page can be found here

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Abhay Singhal (EE) [chitthi] [top]
in Trivandrum, running a startup - Transversal e Networks Pvt. Ltd - along with Manjul Sahay since graduation. They have just (as of Feb '04) crossed Rs. 10 million in business.

Abhishek Dube (ChE) [chitthi]
Pursuing PhD in Chemical Engg. at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY since 2001.

Abhishek Dubey (EE) [chitthi]
working for Accenture in London.

Abhishek Jain (MME) [chitthi]
pursuing PhD in Penn State University, University Park, Pennsylvania, since graduation.

Abhishek Kumar Singh (ME) [chitthi]
pursuing PhD in Mechanical Engineering at State University of New York, Stony Brook.

Abhishek Tiwari (EE) [url][chitthi]
pursuing PhD in Caltech since 2001.

Akhilendra Singh Chauhan (CE) [chitthi]
completed an MS in Transportation from MIT in September 2003, where his research interests were Intelligent Transportation System, Mirco and Meso Traffic Modeling and Simulation. After graduating from MIT, he is currently working with Innovative Emergency Management, Inc., as a Transportation Modeler/Analyst. Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he is enjoying the food, weather and friendly culture in the American South.

Alok Thapar (EE) [chitthi]
He has completed a Masters from Brisbane, Australia, and is working for Maunsell AECOM, an engineering consultancy. Still based in Brisbane.

Aloke Bajpai (EE) [chitthi]
Aloke has been even busier. He worked with Amadeus in the south of France (where he learned deep-sea diving in his spare time), got an MBA from INSEAD's French campus in Fontainbleu, did a short stint with FinalQuadrant Solutions as VP, Distribution Strategy, and then co-founded Travenues alongwith IIT/INSEAD/Amadeus friends. They launched iXiGO iXiGo in June 2007 which is one of the foremost travel search engines in India.

Amit Jain (CSE, Ghaziabad) [chitthi]
Amit left EFI in 2005 and went to INSEAD for an MBA, first to France, then to Singapore and then back to France. He first joined a management consulting and private equity firm based in Dubai, and did a lot of traveling in Middle East and Africa. He is now at the Oman Investment Fund, a government run Private Equity fund based in Muscat.

Amit Manjhi (CSE) [url][chitthi]
Amit is pursuing PhD in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. He has also started a website, Buxfer, that simplifies tracking of shared and personal expenses.

Amit Srivastava (CHEM) [chitthi]
Doing Ph.D. in "Organic synthesis of biologically active molecules" at Purdue University.

Anand Shukla (CSE) [chitthi]
obtained a Masters in CS from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 2003. Working now at Google Inc., Mountain View, California.

Animesh Kumar (EE) [url][chitthi]
pursuing PhD in Electrical Engineering at University of California, Berkeley. Recently developed a strong interest in chhand and Sanskrit/devotional poetry.

Anirban Chakraborty (EE) [chitthi]
Working as a junior electrical engineer for Toshiba Corporation in a power project in UAE. Aside from preparing to join grad school in Canada, he is mastering the art of Dance Dance Revolution.

Ankur Agarwal (CE) [chitthi]
currently working at Tavant Technologies in Bangalore. Coming to the US shortly (shortly after Feb '04, that is) for a stint near Los Angeles, California. [i](The email address I have is no longer active. Anyone have his current email? - Mahim)[/i]

Arun Kumar (CE) [chitthi]
obtained an M.Tech. from Environmental Engineering and Management Programme, IIT Kanpur, in July 2004. Now joined Drexel University, Philadelphia as a PhD student in Environmental Engineering research concentration in the Dept. of Civil, Achitectural and Environmental Engg. He is working on the development of cost-effective media for arsenic removal from the drinking water.

Arvind Saraf (CSE) [chitthi]
enrolled in the PhD program in Computer Science at MIT, in Boston.

Ashish Anand (MATH) [chitthi]
Ashish is currently pursuing a PhD at NTU, Singapore. He has also fallen prey to the lure of the prefix "bio".

Ashish Kumar (CSE) [url][chitthi]
Ashish left Microsoft, Redmond in Dec 2004 and moved to India, where he has now started a company of his own, Tekriti Software (name sounds familiar?), based in Gurgaon.

Ashish Narain Srivastava (EE) [chitthi]
pursuing PhD in the University of Michigan since 2001.

Ashutosh Gupta (ChE) [chitthi]
pursuing PhD in Chemical Engineering at Iowa State University, Ames/Des Moines, Iowa.

Ashutosh Kumar (CSE) [chitthi]
In New York, working for the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX)

Ashutosh Kumar (AE) [chitthi]
Ashutosh is finishing his MTech from IITK, and planning to move to the US for a PhD.

Ashwani Kumar (EE) [url][chitthi]
pursuing MS at the Media Lab, MIT, hoping to graduate in May 2005. Interested in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc. Before MIT, he was working in INRIA, France for over a year. He has apparently become a big Red Sox fan.

Chinmoy Ranjan (CHEM) [chitthi] [top]
Currently doing a PhD in Solid State Chemistry at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY trying to improve fuel cells.

Chirag Bhargava (AE) [chitthi]
got a Masters from UIUC in Sep 2003. He has since left the field of Aerospace Engineering, and is working at Epic Systems Corporation, Madison, Wiconsin.

Dhawal Kumar (CSE) [chitthi] [top]
Working at nVidia since graduation, in Sunnyvale, California. Also pursuing a part-time MSCS (Masters in CS) at Stanford, slowly and steadily.

Dhiraj Joshi (MATH) [url][chitthi]
Dhiraj has obtained a PhD in Computer Science from Penn State University, and is currently working as a research scientist at Kodak Research. While at Penn State, he was a member of the band Indus Elementz.

Ganesh Awasthi (CE) [chitthi] [top]
Ganesh has joined a financial services company called Irevna in Chennai. Before this, he got an MBA from ISB Hyderabad, before which he was at SAP Labs.

Ganesh Kak (CE) [chitthi]
Enrolled in the MBA program at Purdue University since August 2004.

Gaurav Srivastava (EE) [chitthi]
Gaurav obtained an MS from Stanford, is currently taking a break from Academia and working at Samsung Digital Media Labs, Irvine, CA, and is planning to apply for a PhD in computer vision, pattern recognition, image processing and related fields for next year.

Gunjan Agarwal (CSE) [chitthi]
working at Electronics for Imaging (EFI) in Foster City, California since graduation.

Jasjeet Singh (MME) [chitthi] [top]
completed MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad in 2003. Currently based in Delhi working for American Express.

Jatin Bhatia (EE) [chitthi]
Completed his MS in EE from UCLA in early 2004. He has been working at a startup (Silvus Communication Systems) in Los Angeles since. Got married in December, 2006 and has recently been accepted into the MFE program (Master's in Financial Engineering) at Haas School of Business at UC-Berkeley. Will be joining the program in March 2007

Jayant Joshi (MME) [chitthi]
In the Materials Science PhD program at Rutgers University, NJ since graduation, and planning to finish by the end of 2005. He is engaged! And expecting to get married not very far in the future!

Kailash Kumar Agrawal (EE) [url][chitthi] [top]
got an MS from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana in 2003. Currently at AMD, Austin, Texas making (non-edible) chips.

Kamal Kishore (AE) [chitthi]
After starting out at IBM Bangalore, he shifted to Mentor Graphics Hyderabad in early 2005, where he works on J2EE technologise. He is still pursuing music and TT as his hobbies. Of late, he has started writing too. (if his writing is anything like his music, we should be in for some great reading - Mahim).

Konark Singh (EE) [chitthi]
Konark is currently in Second Year of his MBA from the Harvard Business School in Boston, MA. Prior to this, he spent a few years with Schlumberger-Wireline.

Kumar Ravi (CHEM) [chitthi]
Cracked the Civil Services! Posted in West Champaran, Bihar when I last heard from him.

M Hemambar Reddy (CE) [chitthi] [top]
He is currently working as a software engineer in Metallect Corp. in Dallas, TX.

Mahim Mishra (CSE) [url][chitthi]
Mahim has a triple update: new wife (wedding: Nov 25 in Varanasi, you are all invited!), new country (moving to London, England) and new job (starting work at Merrill Lynch in London in early 2008 (that is, of course, if they don't implode)). Meanwhile, he is trying to finish his PhD in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA.

Mallik Subbarao (MATH) [chitthi]
Subba graduated with a Masters in CS from The George Washington University, DC, shifted to finance and is currently working as a financial analyst at Fannie Mae, right outside DC.

Maneesh Varshney (CSE) [url][chitthi]
Maneesh graduated with a PhD in Computer Science from the University of California, Los Angeles. He is now working at a startup (Scalable Network Technologies) started by his advisor. Based in LA, they work in wireless network modeling, simulation and emulation.

Manish Kumar Saluja (EE) [chitthi]
Currently working with Texas Instruments (India) in Bangalore, which he joined after leaving Delsoft in March 2002.

Manish Shukla (CE) [chitthi]
with Infosys, in the US for the last year working in the finance IT department of Microsoft in Seattle.

Manu Saxena (EE) [chitthi]
joined Transwitch after graduation, then moved to Texas Instruments, and is at Freescale Semiconductor in Noida these days.

Maradani Phani Karthik (MATH) [chitthi]
working in Pune at Geometric Software (GSSL).

Mayank Gupta (CSE) [chitthi]
working for Trilogy Software in Bangalore. Has been doing product development so far, but is now looking for a move to the client side of things.

Minit Gupta (CSE) [chitthi]
working for Deloitte Consulting, based in San Francisco, California and currently in Portland, Oregon.

Mudit Khandelwal (ME) [chitthi]
working at Tavant Technologies in Bangalore.

Mudit Srivastava (CE) [chitthi]
Working in Sapient, Washington DC.

Mukesh Bansal (PHY) [chitthi]
Mukesh is working towards a Ph.D. in Human genetics from Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine in Naples, Italy.

Navneet Kumar (ChE) [chitthi] [top]
working at Infosys based in Bangalore. Currently in London on a project for Duetsche Bank.

Nihar Ranjan (CE) [chitthi]
Currently in the second year of the MBA program at IIM Calcutta

Nirman Kumar (CSE) [chitthi]
working at Oracle Corporation in Redwood Shores, California. He graduated in December 2003 from UIUC with an MS in Computer Science.

Nitin Batra (EE) [chitthi]
in the process of quitting McKinsey (where he was based in Bombay) and looking for a new job (as of Feb '04). Two of the plays he has written have been staged in Bombay so far, and two more are going to be staged before April 2004.

Nitin Chopra (MME) [chitthi]
enrolled in the PhD program at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, after obtaining a Masters from there. He is working in Nanotechnology, and has had his first publication in Science in Jan 2004.

Pentapalli Nishant (CSE) [chitthi] [top]
working at Bangalore with Yantra Corporation, a US-based software company, since graduation.

Pradipta Sahu (AE) [chitthi]
enrolled in the Aerospace Engineering PhD program at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California.

Prashant Pandey (CSE) [chitthi]
working as a Software Consultant at BirlaSoft Software in Singapore.

Prateek Jain (ChE) [chitthi]
working at Wipro Technologies Bangalore. Currently (Feb 04) involved in Printer Driver Development for Toshiba Printers.

Pratyusa Manadhata (CSE) [url][chitthi]
joined the CS PhD program at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA in Fall 2003, after working at D E Shaw, Hyderabad for a couple of years.

Priyank Porwal (CSE) [url][chitthi]
Graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in May 2005. Joining Core File Systems group at Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA in June, 2005.

R Bhaskaran (ME) [chitthi] [top]
PhD student in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

Rachit Pandey (ChE) [chitthi]
Did research in Bio-chemical engineering in Brisbane for one year. Currently, working for Infosys, Bangalore. His passion about chess and guitar is still the same; among other things, he is planning to move to Delhi to start his own business. (The email address I have is no longer active. Anyone have his current email? - Mahim)

Rahul Pandey (CHEM) [chitthi]
switched to Biology now, and doing a PhD in Genetics from the University of Bayreuth, Germany.

Rajesh Kumar (CSE) [chitthi]
Rajesh is working with Bank of America as Assistant Vice President, CRM Services Technology in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Rakesh Yadav (ChE) [chitthi]
currently working at CSG Systems. He is in Denver, Colorado till late December 2004, after which he will be based in Delhi.

Ripan Das (EE) [chitthi]
After obtaining an MS from Louisiana State, he is at Portland, Oregon, working for Intel when he feels like it.

Ritimukta Sarangi (MSc 2 Yr. CHEM) [chitthi]
That's _Dr._ Ritimukta Sarangi to you, plebe. After finishing her PhD at Stanford, Riti is now working for the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory in Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (she is a SLACer! ha ha!) as an Associate Staff Scientist, and is enjoying an academic position/work/lifestyle etc. She is working on interfacing X-ray crystallography with X-ray absorption spectroscopy to collect simultaneous electronic and structural data on proteins (in other words, a whole lot of mumbo jumbo). More importantly, she is now married to Gurjeet Singh, a pHd candidate at Stanford in the computational mathematics department (who should shortly be moving on to be a post doc). Riti is investing her time perfecting world cuisine, and can currently expertly replicate japanese, italian, thai, middle eastern, chinese, mexican and desi food, and wants the list to grow. They don't own a TV, but do go the big-screen route fairly frequently (in other words, they do a lot of "dinner and a movie", just like the rest of us).

Rohit Anand (EE) [chitthi]

Ruchi Saran (CSE) [chitthi]
working as a Route Analyst for Emirates Airline in Dubai, UAE. Side businesses aside, she is really into Salsa dancing and traveling.

Sachin Kumar (ChE) [chitthi] [top]
He is based in Mumbai, working for Hindustan Petroleum Limited.

Sankalp Singh (CSE) [url][chitthi]
Pursuing PhD in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA.

Santosh Anand (PHY) [chitthi]
He completed DEA (a French Masters) in Distributed System and Networks in Sep, 2004 from UNSA/INRIA, France. Continued working in INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, till Jan 2005. From Feb 2005 onwards, he's working at Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, Napoli, Italy, as a Research Fellow on an EU project named EURExpress. In his free time, he goes Salsa dancing, sometimes paints, and listens to music from all corners of the world. In the future, he might go for a PhD in Human_Genetics/HPC/Grid_Computing or go back to India to start his own venture.

Sarovar Aggarwal (CE) [chitthi]
Sarovar has graduated from IIMB and has been working with the management consulting firm A.T. Kearney in their New Delhi office since May 2004. At IIMB, he won the Aditya Birla scholarship.

Satyendra Kumar Gupta (ME) [chitthi]
After spending some time at Loria, France, Satyendra is now working at Final Quadrant Solutions in Delhi/Noida as a Project Leader.

Saurav Jindal (CSE) [chitthi]
currently based in New York, working for Tower Research Capital LLC, a hedge specializing in quantitative trading.

Sayeed Sanaullah (ME) [chitthi]
working at Parametric Technology Corporation, Pune.

Shambhoo Khandelwal (EE) [chitthi]
working at nVidia, Santa Clara, California since graduation.

Shashi Bhusan (CSE) [chitthi]
worked for two years at Virtusa and also dabbled in a startup (Loriontech.com). Has moved on now to the MBA program at IIM Calcutta.

Shashin Mishra (ChE) [chitthi]
working at Sapient Corporation in Gurgaon. Currently in Memphis, Tennessee, where he will be till the end of March, 2004.

Siddhartha Chattopadhyay (MATH) [url][chitthi]
Sid is currently pursuing a PhD in CS from teh University of Georgia, Athens. We all know this is just a pastime till his band takes off.

Smita Agrawal (ChE) [chitthi]
in the PhD program in Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. She says it has been a productive few years, on account of all the skiing, ice skating, white water rafting etc. she has learnt to do there.

Snehil Meet Solanki (ME) [url][chitthi]
Joined Masters Prog in Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, in August 2004, after working for Infosys in Banglaore for 3 years.

Sourav Chatterji (CSE) [url][chitthi]
pursuing PhD in Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. Getting married (in January 2003, to Neelita Mopati) has not changed him much, yet. [Update: since I wrote this, some people have complained that he has indeed changed a lot: he has forgotten most of his old friends. I wouldn't say that complaint is entirely unjustified...]

Sriram (CSE) [chitthi]
pursuing a PhD (in Biology) at The Rockefeller University, New York.

Supratim Ray (EE) [chitthi]
He's doing a PhD in Bio-Mechanical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, where he is working on the neural mechanism of selective attention. He spends most of his spare time playing TT, soccer and softball, working out, running (he is the first person in our batch to complete a marathon) or drumming.

Surendra Kumar Pathak (CSE) [chitthi]
working as a Software Engineer at Electronics for Imaging, San Mateo, California. He worked at D E Shaw, Hyderabad from July to October 2001.

Tandra Ghose (EE) [url][chitthi] [top]
the most significant thing to have happened to her: her marriage to Rupak Majumdar, in July 2001. In her spare time, she is pursuing a PhD in Vision Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Tarun Khosla (EE) [chitthi]
Tarun is getting an MBA from the Kenan Flagler Business School (KFBS) at UNC, Chapel Hill.

Tarun Gupta (EE) [chitthi]
working as an Academic Specialist at National Instruments, Bangalore.

Tarun Singh (CE) [chitthi]
Tarun Singh left GSSL in May 2004, to join IIM Kozhikode.

Utkarsh (CSE) [chitthi] [top]
Utkarsh has left the services industry and moved to products/components development. He is working for Amberpoint and is currently in Oakland, California and will subsequently be moving to Pune. And, in his words, "I am happily married to Mrs Ruchi Verma, a budding doctor back in India".

Vikas Vashishtha (ChE) [chitthi] [top]
Worked as a software engineer for Talisma Corp, Bangalore for 3 years (where he was again called "voku" by almost everyone). Currently enrolled at IIM Lucknow.

Vishal Agrawal (EE) [chitthi]
He is currently working for nVidia at Santa Clara, California. He has also obtained a Masters from Stanford. On the personal front, he took himself off the eligible bachelors' list.

Yogesh Singh (AE) [chitthi] [top]
After obtaining an MTech in Aerospace engg. from IITK, he is now at the Technical University of Berlin.

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