[05/14/2011]:Wearable Electronics for outreach paper presented at CHI

[08/11/2010]:ETH and Disney Research, Zurich talk

[08/09/2010]: Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics talk.

[06/22/2010]: A new summer workshop with Gwen's Girls on wearable electronics.

[05/13/2010]: Started another summer internship at Disney Research, Pittsburgh.

[06/20/2010]: Updated the website to fall winter summer theme colors.

[01/20/2010]: I am a TA for CS 15-463 Computational Photography.

[01/09/2010]: Abstract accepted to Dynamics and Stability of Human Movement Systems Symposium held at USNCTAM.

[06/24/2009]: Paper submitted to Humanoids '09.

[06/11/2009]: Live from Vancouver: Dynamic Walking '09.

[04/03/2009]: Co-authored an Eurographics '09 paper .

[04/01/2009]: I will be interning at Disney Research this summer.

[03/30/2009]: Extended abstract accepted to Dynamic Walking '09.

[02/07/2009]: Paper accepted to journal Computers & Graphics

[08/15/2008]: Starting grad school at CMU.