Some Courses:

  Machine Learning (Ph.D. level), Intermediate Statistics, Information Theory and Machine Learning  

 Statistical Approaches to Learning and Discovery, Language and Statistics, Information Retrieval,

Libraries & eBooks:

CMU Library, University of Pittsburgh Library
Carnegie Library,ACM Digital Library
Research Index (CS papers), Universal Library
InformIT Free Library, iBook
Electric Press,  Free C/C++ Books    
Common Lisp the Language, Second Edition

Departments and Centers
Technion CS department, Technical Reports, Center for Intelligent Systems
CMU index, Library, OIE, ICC, HUB ,
CMU SCS, LTI,CALD, SCS courses,helpdesk, machine learning, CMU text learning group, LARG
CMU statistics, Statistics grad courses description

Information Retrieval
Cross-Language IR Resources
IR Resources
Fink's IR Resources
Kluwer IR Page
Information Technology Lab
British IR Resources
van Rijsbergen's (1979) "Information Retrieval"

Machine Learning
WhizBang! seminar series, CALD seminars,
SVM Bell Labs, kernel machines, UCI ML repository
SOM research, colt,, Bayesian model averaging (Volinsky)
statistical learning glossary, learning theory links, GP,

Information Theory
Entropy on the www, Information theory society,
Kolmogorov complexity course (CS Technion), Kolmogorov complexity resources

NLP, Speech and Language modelling
software tools, Stanford NLP, CMU speech

Journals, Conferences, Workshops and Organizations
JSTOR, IEEExplore, Full text Journals, ML journal,
CS-Stat interface, NIPS,Speech Conferences,AI Journal

Unix & Linux

Unix Reference Desk, Unix Programming FAQs,, SCS Linux page , Gnome, KDE, Linux Howtos

Mathematical Software
Mathworks, helpdesk,matlab software, Matlab contributions , matlinks, jacklam utils, netlab, mathtools

Tex and Latex
Tex catalogue, CTAN,
Yogi Latex page, some tips and tricks, Latex and Tex,

Bibtex for emacs,, AUC Tex,

C++ FAQ Lite, JDK Documentation,, CGI Programming 101Java FAQ Archives
Java FAQ,   C++ Tutorials  Standard Template Library
Active Server PageOO Programming Information, Debugging with GDB

Leeds tutorialU. Florida Perl archive UIUC Perl , Picking up Perl, Perl tutorial links,TclTK

Internet stuff
google, vivisimo, cora, citeseer, Altavista, WebCrawler, Yahoo, Lycos
Cora CS Research Paper Search Engine
Best E Deal Price Search Engine 

search books at amazon, yahoo maps , dictionary,
weather, UC movies, PGH movies, epinion, CNet, units,
CNN, NY Times, Haaretz