Long Qin



GHC 6225

Carnegie Mellon University

5000 Forbes Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15213


lqin (at) cs (dot) cmu (dot) edu

long.qin (at) mmodal (dot) com


I’m currently working at M*Modal as a Research Scientist. Before that, I received my PhD and MS degrees from the Language Technologies Institute of Carnegie Mellon University. My advisor was Prof. Alex Rudnicky. I also received a MS and a BS degree from University of Science and Technology of China.

CV [pdf]

Thesis Document [pdf]

Thesis Presentation [pdf]


  1. Deep learning (DNN) in speech recognition

  2. Voice Activity Detection (VAD)

  3. Out-of-vocabulary (OOV) word learning

  4. Discriminative acoustic modeling

  5. Speaker adaptive training (SAT)

  6. Unsupervised / semi-supervised lexicon learning

  7. Statistical parametric speech synthesis

Selected PublicationS

  1. Learning better lexical properties for recurrent OOV words, ASRU-2013. [pdf]

  2. Using web text to improve keyword spotting in speech, ASRU-2013. [pdf]

  3. Finding recurrent OOV words, Interspeech-2013. [pdf]

  4. OOV word detection using hybrid models with mixed types of fragments, Interspeech-2012. [pdf]

  5. System combination for out-of-vocabulary word detection, ICASSP-2012. [pdf]

  6. OOV detection and recovery using hybrid models with different fragments, Interspeech-2011. [pdf]

  7. The effect of lattice pruning on MMIE training, ICASSP-2010. [pdf]

  8. Implementing and improving MMIE training in SphinxTrain, CMU Sphinx Workshop 2010. [pdf]


  1. 10-701 Machine Learning

  2. 11-711 Algorithm for NLP

  3. 11-721 Grammars and Lexicons

  4. 11-733 Multilingual Speech to Speech Translation

  5. 11-741 Information Retrieval

  6. 11-751 Speech Recognition and Understanding

  7. 11-752 Speech II

  8. 11-754 Dialog System

  9. 11-756 Design and Implementation of ASR Systems

  10. 11-761 Language and Statistics

  11. 11-791 Software Engineering


Football, Soccer, Movie, Ski, Skate

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Benchmark Testing Results [pdf]

Discriminative Training Equations [pdf]



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