Håkan L. S. Younes, Ph.D.


I am joining Google on July 24, 2006.

Research Projects

Tempastic-DTP is a program for decision-theoretic planning with asynchronous events. It implements the techniques proposed by Younes and Simmons for approximately solving generalized semi-Markov decision processes using continuous phase-type distributions.

Ymer is a program for probabilistic verification of discrete event systems. The implementation is based on the techniques developed by Younes and Simmons for probabilistic verification through acceptance sampling.

VHPOP, with which I achieved distinction as Best Newcomer at the 3rd International Planning Competition, is a partial order causal link (POCL) determinstic planner loosely based on UCPOP. It draws form the experience gained in the early to mid 1990's on flaw selection strategies for POCL planning, and combines this with more recent developments in the field of domain independed planning such as distance based heuristics and reachability analysis.

Other Activities

I organized the seminars for the Specification and Verification Center.

I served on the program committee for the 16th International Conference on Automated Planning & Scheduling.

I served on the program committee for the 20th National Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

I was co-chair for the probabilistic track of the 4th International Planning Competition.

I served on the program committee for the FLAIRS Special Track on Uncertain Reasoning three years in a row from 2001 to 2003.


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