Wang Ling
PhD Student

Language Technologies Institute
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University

Spoken Language Systems Lab, INESC-ID
Instituto Superior Tecnico

I am a Phd student in the Dual Degree Carnegie Mellon Portugal PhD Program, between Carnegie Mellon University and Instituto Superior Tecnico. Currently, I am working in the Language Technologies Institute in Carnegie Mellon University. It is my privilage to be working with my advisors Alan Black (LTI), Chris Dyer (LTI) and Isabel Trancoso (INESC-ID), to whom I hold my deepest respect.

I am interested in applying statistics and machine learning methods in Natural Language Processing tasks. Currently, my work addresses following problems:
(1) Machine Translation in Microblogs, such as Twitter and Facebook .
(2) Character-based Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation.