Research Projects

Probabilistic programming languages and Bayesian inference

Time series learning

Parallel/Distributed machine learning

Network analysis

  • social network and social media analysis
  • CDEM:fly embryo gene pattern mining. (finished)

Talks and Tutorial

  • 2014 PPAML Summer School, lecture on BLOG.
  • 2013 TAMU Fish Bowl Seminar
  • KDD 2010 Tutorial on Time Series
  • Parsimonious Linear Fingerprinting for time series, Machine learning lunch seminar, CMU, Nov, 2010. [PPT]
  • Fast Algorithms for Mining Co-evolving Time Series. SMU, NUS, SJTU, Dec 2009. [PPT]
  • Fast Algorithms for Mining and Summarizing Co-evolving Sequences, HKUST. 2009.[Poster]
  • Machine Learning Lunch seminar, CMU, Oct 6, 2008. [PPT]