Nonparametric Density Estimation and Clustering with Application to Cosmology

Woncheol Jang

Joint work with Larry Wasserman, Chris Genovese and Bob Nichol.


  We present a clustering method based on nonparametric density estimation. We use Kernel smoothing and orthogonal series estimators to estimate the density f and then we extract the connected components of the level set using a modified Cuevas et al (2000) algorithm. We extend an idea due to Stein (1981) and Beran and Dumbgen (1998) to construct confidence sets for the level set {f > delta_c} using the asymptotic distribution of loss function. Specifically, we show the stochastic convergence of the pivot process, B_n(lambda_p) = sqrt(n) * (L_p(lambda_p) - S_hat_p(lambda_p)) where L_p(lambda_p) and S_p(lambda_p) are the loss function and the estimated risk function with the smoothing parameter lambda_p. Inverting the pivot provides a confidence set for the coefficient of the orthogonal series estimator and furthermore one can construct a confidence set for functionals of f . We consider applications in astronomy and other fields.


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