Programming Section


In the Programming section, students develop their coding skills.
This section is divided into two groups, beginning and intermediate/advanced.

Beginning Programming is more structured.
It teaches the fundamentals of programming, using Python as a foundation.

Intermediate/Advanced Programming is defined by the students' prior knowledge of programming. These students have some experience in programming, and will have the ability to help guide the direction of study, depending on what their interests are.

The curriculum in Programming is flexible.
Computer programming languages are complicated and adjustments to this curriculum are made as needed.

In general, Intermediate Programming follows a path similar to the outline below.
Adjustments are made depending on the skill-base of the students, which can vary from year to year.

1. How Java works: strengths and weaknesses of Java.
2. How to use the command line. (Bash shell)
3. Variables, types, and arithmetic.
4. Control structures (if this happens then do something).
5. Arrays, Strings, and other important Java utility classes.
6. Object oriented programming.
7. Data structures/Sorting and Searching algorithms.
8. Applets and how to display pretty pictures.

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