Past Student Projects

2013 – Projects (examples)


Self Balancing Robot

Laser Tag Guns

M & M Sorter


Air Hockey Game


2012 – Projects (examples)

Song Finder

Finds a song with similarly themed lyrics for any source text

Teapot Wars

Role Playing Game that is grid- and turn-based. Uses Panda 3D. Camera moves with objects.

Zelda Game

Camera tracks player on the screen.


A simulation of factions.

Cave Defense Game

Images travel down the screen and attempt to avoid defeat.

Power Defense Game

A game of strategy involving creating and placing towers. Towers will attack enemies as the enemies move along the track.

Smart Mouse Maze Solver

Two digital mice, two mazes side by side. The movement of the each mouse is based on a different algorithm, each working independantly.


Microprocessor on a field-programmable gate array.


2011 – Projects

Laser Tag Robot

Create a robot that was challenging to build and program, but also fun to interact with. This robot, a small car that can autonomously drive in random patterns, while a person tries to “shoot” it with a laser pointer. The object of the game is to get the greatest amount of “hits” on the target of the robot within the time limit.

Automonous Robots for Taxiing Airplanes

Construct autonomous robots that aid in taxiing airplanes. Our line following robot will accomplish this task. The robots will follow different colored lines on our model airport. Each colored line will lead to a different airplane. We will use photo resistors to make our robots follow the different colored lines. An ultrasonic sensor will detect the plane, and then an end effector will grab and tow the plane. The robot will then follow the line to wherever the plane needs to go.

2008 – Beginning Programming Projects

Music Player
Andrew Dufield
– Andrew used JFugue to create a music player that converts strings to songs. He is currently working on the user interface. He also created default songs for the user (and himself) to choose from.

Checkers AI
Billy Maynes
– The checkers AI was first created as a fully working 2-player checkers program. The AI uses a mini-max algorithm to check for possible moves and then choose one. The program is written in command line (not an applet) and the entire game of checkers can be played by having the user input numbers.

Brick Breaker
Ben Kohan
– Ben worked on a brick breaker applet game that was controlled by the mouse. Challenges included collision detection, ball motion, and making special types of bricks.

Legend of Zelda "Clone"
John Albert & Mike Terrick
– John and Mike created a map and fungeon using a random maze generator. The map includes enemies and obstacles for the user to defeat. In creating the game, they used key listener and a collision model.

2008 – Advanced Programming Projects 2008

David Franklin & Michael Moody
– Kugelhupf is a 3D networked, first person person shooter which allows multiple users to compete against each other. The style is modeled after a mix between Tron and The Matrix, creating a unique feel. The game features user-generated maps, giving users complete control over the levels they play. Kugelhupf features several other unique gameplay mechanics including semi-transparent walls and a portal system that allows players to teleport back and forth between corresponding portals.

Tactical Assault
Alex Chiang, Arvind Prasadan, Matt Keibler
– Tactical Assault is a turn-based strategy war game modeled after the Advanced Wars franchise of Nintendo. The game is computer based and offers a frieldly and intuitive user interface. Players face off against a smart AI as four officers with varying strengths. The maps for the game are generated randomly, similar to Age of Empires. The user interfaces users the swing toolbar for the 001 and rendering of the map. The underlying mechanics are vast and complex, handling every possible occurrence. The AI is both complex and varied, yet offers a chance at both winning and losing. Tactical Assualt is a fun and exciting game that fans of Advanced Wars will rejoice at!

2002/2003 – Projects

Telesumo, 2003

RCS Lego Walker, 2002

Robotic Violin, 2002