Student Feedback
On spending their summer at Leap

"I think that it was a good experience and should help a lot for my future because it will help me decide
what college I want to go to and might assist me getting into a good school"
Ian, age 16

"It was a fun way to spend the summer because I enjoy programming."
Matt, age 18

What did you gain from Leap?

"I learned about what computer science was. I didn't know much about it before, but this helped
to open my eyes to this field and helped me to figure out what career I wanted to do.
It was a great learning experience!"
Mike, age 17

"I learned skills that I can now use to learn how to program and build robots."
Shawn , age 13

"I gained more knowledge about robots, how to program them,
how to build them, and what they are capable of doing."
Patrick, age 16

General thoughts about Leap

"The Interesting Test wasn't an easy test, but it shouldn't discourage you from trying to join the program
because it's more thinking outside the box."
Ian, age 16

"I thought it was really interesting, it was a different approach to learning stuff,
doing rather than being taught from a book."
Patrick , age 16

"The morning lectures were not only informative but they piqued our curiosity and were very interesting."
Skanda, age 13

Would you encourage others to attend Leap?

"Yes, but I don’t think just anybody could attend the course, it's angled more towards creative people.
You have to be willing to think over the summer, but you also have to have an interest in this sort of thing."
Ian, age 16

"I encourage more girls to join the program, because it's typically male dominant,
but it doesn’t mean that woman can't enjoy it. I found it really interesting."
Helen, age 16

"It's great to be able to learn about recent developments in science
from those who are actually involved in the field."
Shane, age 15

"The guest lectures are really interesting, especially the cake lecture."
Billy, age 15

Did Leap impact what field you want to pursue in the future?

"Yes, because I want to be a computer scientist"
Scott, age 17

"I really liked this program because the TA's made the program interesting.
They were really energetic and knew what they were talking about."
Ben, age 14