LEAP Student Assistants

And our Fantastic Student Assistants
Student Assistant's rule!
They are students currently enrolled in the computer science and robotics curricula or Leap Alums! They understand what you are experiencing, thoroughly know the subject matter in the courses, and are a great resource for feedback, guidance, instruction, counsel and all-around assistance. They are also very friendly and want to help.



Danny Balter
will be a freshman at Carnegie Mellon University, double majoring in Math and Computer Science. He enjoys both writing and playing games, playing ultimate frisbee, snowboarding, and doing research. He is also TAing 15-112 at CMU this summer.


Summer Devlin
will be a senior at Winchester Thurston School. Apart from school and programming, she spends most of her spare time reading novels and manga, writing, drawing, and obsessing over fictional characters. She is also the technical editor of her school's literary magazine. Summer attended Leap in 2012 and this will be her first time working as a TA.


Cody Han
will be a junior at Caltech, studying computer science. He attended Leap in the summer of 2011. He enjoys optimizing his work-flow via text editor and operating system configuration (even more so if said configuration is done in a functional programming language). In his spare time, Cody enjoys playing Ultimate, foosball, and piano. This will be his first year as a TA.


Gavriel Hirsch
will be a sophomore at Northwestern University this fall, studying math and economics. He attended Leap in the summer of 2010, and this will be his second year as a TA. In his free time, Gavriel enjoys competing in quiz bowl tournaments and playing tennis.


Sam Li
will be a senior at Shady Side Academy. This is his first year as a TA, and he attended Leap in 2013. He enjoys clarinet, Rubik's cubes, and pokemon in his free time. Sam is a member of Science Olympiad and Math Club at his school.


Lucas Rosenblatt
will be a senior at Winchester Thurston High School. This is his first year as a TA for Leap and he attended in 2013. Over the course of this year he has worked on developing a Mobile Application for iOS and on prototyping Quad-Copter designs to solve various real world problems. This summer he will be interning with Conviva, the Video Quality Analytics Company. Outside of the world of Computer Science, Lucas enjoys playing soccer, noodling on the piano, reading the classics, and making movies.


Kevin Stiles
will be a junior at the North Allegheny School District for the 2014 to 2015 school year. Kevin was a teaching assistant for the intro programming track at Leap during th summer of 2013 and is returning to teach a second year. Harboring a great passion for computers, Kevin programs games almost as frequently as he plays them, and he has taught computer applications to teachers and students at his school.


Griffin van de Venne
is a rising senior at Winchester Thurston High School. This is his second year TAing at Leap and he is excited to return as a robotics TA for the 2014 year. Griffin enjoys playing soccer, playing Magic: The Gathering, coding and playing video games during his free time.


Jing Wu
is a rising senior at Greenville High School. This is his first year as a TA at Leap and he attended in 2013. Jing loves singing, watching anime, and playing tennis. He is also a grandmaster Starcraft 2 player and a diamond level League of Legends player.


Peilun (Mark) Xi
graduated from Mt. Lebanon High school in 2013 and just finished his first year at UC Berkeley. He attended Leap during 2012 and returns this year for his second year as a robotics teaching assistant. When he was in Leap, he enjoyed implementing creative ideas in building robots. During his freshmen year at Berkeley, he explored more on robotics through classes and seminars and at the same time practiced his programming skills with projects in his CS classes. In his free time, Mark loves playing basketball.


Rohan Yadav
is a rising senior at North Allegheny Senior High School. Rohan participated in Leap during the 2012 session. Through Leap he discovered his interests in computer programming and robotics, and was excited to be able to teach others last year, and continue teaching this year. Apart from technology, Rohan enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, tennis, and percussion.

Key: TA = Teaching Assistant

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