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Student Assistants Rule!
They are students currently enrolled in the computer science and robotics curricula or Leap Alumni! They understand what you are experiencing, thoroughly know the subject matter in the courses, and are a great resource for feedback, guidance, instruction, counsel and all-around assistance. They are also very friendly and want to help.


Asa Frank
will be a junior at CMU this fall.  He was a teaching assistant at CMU for introductory programming and computer science theory courses during his sophomore year.  Asa’s academic interests include math and theoretical computer science.  His hobbies include video games and climbing trees.


Eric Hegnes
is of the 2013 graduating class at The Kiski School.  The summer of 2013 is Eric's third year with Andrew's Leap and his second year as a TA. Eric is an avid supporter of Gentoo Linux and open source software.  Much of his time is spent programming, writing poetry, and playing the piano, but he still finds time to enjoy the outdoor world as a varsity tennis player.


Gavriel Hirsch
will be a freshman at Northwestern University during the 2013-2014 school year. He attended Andrew's Leap in the summer of 2010. He followed the beginning programming track and created a version of the arcade game Galaga for his final project. In addition to doing things that deal with technology, Gavriel enjoys spending his free time participating in academic competitions, like the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad, and playing the cello.


Eric Hochendoner
is a graduating senior from North Allegheny and will be attending CMU in the fall for Electrical and Computer Engineering.  He attended Leap in 2012 in the Advanced Programming course.  Eric is interested in Android development.  He has been active in the North Allegheny marching band and is an Eagle Scout.


Brandon Houghton
will be a senior at North Allegheny High School. Brandon attended Andrew’s Leap as a student in the summer of 2012 following the robotics track, he implemented two autonomous route planning algorithms, allowing ROS compliant platforms to perform GPS waypoint path following, and Microsoft Kinect based blob tracking. He has an interest in defeating unmanned systems, and spends his free time working on his Segway robotic platform.


Sohail Sidique
will be a senior at North Allegheny High School. This is his first year as a TA. Besides his love for technology, Sohail enjoys making music, drawing, and reading in his spare time. He is also currently a part of his school's debate club and juggling club.


Kevin Stiles
will be a sophomore at the North Allegheny School District for the 2013 to 2014 school year. Kevin participated in Andrew's Leap during the summer of 2012 and is returning this year as a teaching assistant for the intro programming track. Harboring a great passion for computers, Kevin programs games almost as frequently as he plays them, and he has taught computer applications to teachers and students alike at his school.


Griffin van de Venne
is in the class of 2015 at Winchester Thurston. He is a returning Leaper and this year is his first year as a TA. He is very interested in new technology especially new breakthroughs in anti-missile defense systems. He also has a passion for programming and pursues that in his free time, most notably participating in the recent PicoCTF [https://picoctf.com/faq] competition.


John Yang
has just ended his freshman year at Brown University. He attended Leap during the summer of 2010 and is returning for his first year as a robotics teaching assistant. John will hopefully major in Engineering and is currently part of the Brown Building Society. He has participated in the construction of a wind turbine and a miniature satellite. Outside of engineering, John has an interest in philosophy, literature, and entrepreneurship.


Rohan Yadav
is a rising junior at North Allegheny Senior High School. Rohan participated in Andrew’s Leap during the 2012 session. Through Andrew’s Leap he discovered his interests in computer programming and robotics, and is excited to be able to teach others this year. Apart from technology, Rohan enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, tennis, and percussion.


Peilun (Mark) Xi
will graduate from Mt. Lebanon High school and will be a freshmen at UC Berkeley. He first attended Andrew's Leap during 2012 and is returning for his first year as a robotics teaching assistant. He is highly interested in computer science and physics. He especially enjoys implementing creative ideas in building robots. Also, he plays basketball in his free time and has been a varsity track team jumper who has won first place in large invitational meets.


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