LEAP Student Assistants

And our Fantastic Student Assistants
Student Assistant's rule!
They are students currently enrolled in the computer science and robotics curricula or Leap Alums! They understand what you are experiencing, thoroughly know the subject matter in the courses, and are a great resource for feedback, guidance, instruction, counsel and all-around assistance. They are also very friendly and want to help.



Colin Corwley
will be starting his second year at Swarthmore college this fall. He participated in Leap in 2012, and since then has continued to study computer science. He will be excited to give back to Leap while home for the summer.


Andrew Jiang
will be a senior at Sewickley Academy in the fall. He attended Leap in 2014 and looks forward to teaching Robotics this summer. He is the president of both his school's FIRST robotics club and programming club. In his free time, he volunteers at his local hospital and animal shelter and enjoys swimming, playing cards, creating digital music, and reading the news.


Shaoyan Sam Li
will be a first year at Carnegie Mellon University this fall, majoring in Computer Science. This is his second year as a TA in Intermediate Programming, and he attended Leap in 2013. He enjoys clarinet, Rubik's cubes, and pokemon in his free time. Sam was a member of Science Olympiad and Math Club in high school.


Tom Scherlis
will be a junior at Shady Side Academy this fall. This is his first year as a Robotics TA after attending the Leap robotics track last summer. He is an active member of his school's Science Olympiad team, and a captain of his school's FIRST robotics team, FTC 6640. He enjoys photography, video editing/animating, video games, and tennis in his free time.


Ashwin Srinivasan
will be a sophomore at Pittsburgh Allderdice High School. This is his first year as a TA for Intermediate Programming, and he attended Leap in 2014. In his free time, Ashwin enjoys coding and playing the guitar.


Kevin Stiles
will be a senior at the North Allegheny School District in the fall. Kevin was a teaching assistant for the Intro Programming track at Leap during the last two summers and is returning to teach a third year. Harboring a great passion for computers, Kevin programs games almost as frequently as he plays them, and he has taught computer applications to teachers and students at his school.


Luke Vacek
will be a senior at Winchester Thurston High School this fall. Luke enjoyed his time at Leap in 2014 and returns as a TA in Intermediate Programming in 2015, excited to teach others what he has learned. When he isn’t programming, he can be found playing ultimate, producing electronic music, or playing video games.


Griffin van de Venne
is a rising first year at Rochester Institute of Technology. This is his third year TAing at Leap and he is excited to return as a Robotics TA for the 2015 year. Griffin enjoys playing soccer, playing Magic: The Gathering, coding and playing video games during his free time.


Selene Wartell
will be a first year student at the University of Washington. She attended Leap during the summer of 2014, and is thrilled to return as a TA in Intermediate Programming for the summer, in addition to working as a research intern at CMU's ArticuLab. In her free time, Selene enjoys yoga and movie marathons.


Jingze Wu
will be a first year student at CMU studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. Jing teaches Intro Programming. He enjoys singing, watching anime, and playing tennis. Jing is also a Grandmaster at Starcraft 2 and a Diamond 1 League of Legends player. This is his second year TAing for the Intro Programming track.


Rohan Yadav
Rohan participated in Leap during the 2012 session. Through Leap he discovered his interests in computer programming and robotics, and was excited to be able to teach Robotics to others these last two years, and continue teaching this year. Rohan starts at Carnegie Mellon’s Computer Science Department this fall. Apart from technology, Rohan enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, tennis, and percussion.


Charles Chenhui Yuan
will be a first year student at CMU’s School of Computer Science this fall. He attended Leap in 2012 and will be a TA for Intermediate Programming this summer. His experiences extend to research in computational biology as well as interests in many other fields of science.


Key: TA = Teaching Assistant

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