Zhenzhong Lan

PhD student, LTI
School of Computer Science
Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

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Office: 6225 Gates Hillman Center
Email: lanzhzh at cs.cmu.edu

I am originally from ChaoZhou, China, but, due to some random walk, I now live in Pittsburgh, USA. I received my bachelor degree of software engineering and statistics from Sun Yat-sen University in June 2010. Then I came to CMU in autumn of 2010. Now I am a member of the Informedia Group under the supervision of Dr. Alexander G. Hauptmann. My principal interests lie in the development of statistical machine learning, speech recognition and computer vision methodology and their application to large scale multimedia analysis and retrieval. Specifically, I hope to build a system that can index video data and make it a structured media. Broadly speaking, I am interested in research that makes computers become intelligent.


Beyond Gaussian Pyramid: Multi-skip Feature Stacking for Action Recognition.
Zhenzhong Lan, Ming Lin, Xuanchong Li, Alexander G. Hauptmann, Bhiksha Raj
Features for MIFS(L=3) [HMDB51] [Hollywood2] [UCF101] [UCF50] [Olympic Sports]

Resource Constrained Multimedia Event Detection.
Zhenzhong Lan, Yi Yang, Nicolas Ballas, Shoou-I Yu, Alexander Haputmann
The 20th Int. Conf. on Multimdeida Modeling (MMM'14), 2014. [PDF]

Informedia@TRECVID 2013.
Zhenzhong Lan, Lu Jiang, Shoou-I Yu, Chenqiang Gao, Shourabh Rawat, Yang Cai, Shicheng Xu, Haoquan Shen, Xuanchong Li, Yipei Wang, Waito Sze, Yan Yan, Zhigang Ma, Nicolas Ballas, Deyu Meng, Wei Tong, Yi Yang, Susanne Burger, Florian Metze, Rita Singh, Bhiksha Raj, Richard Stern, Teruko Mitamura, Eric Nyberg, and Alexander Hauptmann.
TRECVID Video Retrieval Evaluation Workshop, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, November 2013. [PDF]

Double Fusion for Multimedia Event Detection.
Zhenzhong Lan,Lei Bao, Shoou-I Yu, Wei Liu, Alexander G. Hauptmann
The 18th Int. Conf. on Multimdeida Modeling (MMM'12), 2012. [PDF]

Joint Segmentation and Classification of Human Action.
M.H.Nguyen, Zhenzhong Lan, F. De la.
IEEE Int. Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR'11),2011. [PDF]

Extending Semi-supervised Learning methods for Inductive Transfer Learning.
Yuan Shi, Zhenzhong Lan, Wei Liu, Wei Bi
IEEE Conf. on Data Mining (ICDM'09), 2009. [PDF]

Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Statistical Machine Learning, Probabilistic Graphical Models.
Alexander G. Hauptmann    
Fernando De la torre    
Longfei Zhang    
Shoou-I Yu    
Yi Yang    
ChenQiang Gao    
Risheng Liu    

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