What am I reading now?

Mostly for me to keep track of which library books I have checked out.
John Harrison, Metatheory and reflection in theorem proving: a survey and critique

Hurkens, "A simplification of Girard's paradox"

Howe, "The computational behavior of Girard's paradox"

Coquand; Herbelin, "A-translation and looping combinators in pure type systems"

Meyer; Reinhold, "'Type' is not a type"

Julia Robinson, "General recursive functions"

Raphael M. Robinson, "Recursion and double recursion"

Raphael M. Robinson, "Primitive recursive functions"

Péter / Recursive functions

Kleene; Vesley / The foundations of intuitionistic mathematics

Kleene / Introduction to metamathematics

Troelstra / Metamathematical investigation of intuitionistic
arithmetic and analysis

Shoenfield / Mathematical logic

A theory of propositional types.
Henkin, L.
Fundamenta Mathematicae 52, pp.323--344, 1963.

A formulation of the simple theory of types.
Church, Alonzo.
JSL 5, pp. 56--68, 1940.

Three dimensional geometry and topology
Thurston, William P.  ed. Levy, Silvio.

Practical cryptography / Niels Ferguson, Bruce Schneier
Ferguson, Niels.
005.82 F35P

Foundations of Constructive Mathematics
Michael J. Beeson

Printing types, their history, forms, and use; a study in survivals, by Daniel Berkeley Updike
Updike, Daniel Berkeley, 1860-1941
655.24 U66A VOL. 2 

Proofs and types / Jean-Yves Girard ; translated and with appendices by Paul Taylor [and] Yves Lafont
Girard, Jean-Yves.
510.1 G51P

Collected works / Kurt Gödel ; edited by Solomon Feferman ... [et al.]
Godel, Kurt.
510.1 G58CO VOL. 1

Sphere packings, lattices, and groups
Conway, John Horton.
511.6 S76S3

Handbook of proof theory / edited by Samuel R. Buss
Buss, Samuel R.
511.3 H2363

Projective geometry [by] H.S.M.Coxeter
Coxeter, Harold Scott Macdonald, 1907-
513.57 C87P2

The theory of spinors. Foreword by Raymond Streater
Cartan, Elie Joseph, 1869-1951
513.7 C32T

Vorlesungen über das Ikosaeder und die Auflösung der Gleichungen vom fünften Grade
Klein, Felix.

Interprétation fonctionnelle et élimination des coupures de l'arithmétique d'ordre supérieur
Girard, Jean-Yves.

Visual complex analysis
Needham, Tristan.

The principia: mathematical principles of natural philosophy
Newton, Isaac.  tr. Cohen, I. Bernard; Whitman, Anne.

On numbers and games
Conway, John Horton.

Conceptual mathematics: a first introduction to categories
Lawvere, F. William; Schanuel, Stephen Hoel.

Problems in group theory
Dixon, John W.

In the queue

Gentzen, “New Version of the Consistency Proof of Elementary
Number Theory” in M. E. Szabo, ed., The Collected Papers of
Gerhard Gentzen.