At CMU, I was advised by Manuela Veloso and Brett Browning and was part of the CORAL Research Group. Most of my research was in adversarial multi-robot projects, specifically centering around the game of robot soccer. This page will briefly describe some of the research that I did at CMU and elsewhere.


The CORAL Research Group is concerned with teams of robots that Cooperate, Observe the world, Reason, Act, and Learn. The group is focused on the problem of intelligent, autonomous multi-agent teams acting in dynamic, complex, and uncertain environments. Often these environments take the form of adversarial and competative games, such as robot soccer. Robot soccer is an adversarial environment in which multi-agent teams compete in a modified game of soccer.

Segway Soccer League

In particular, my research currently focuses on the RoboSoccer Segway League, which is a league of robot soccer in which humans and robots work together as peers with equal capabilities. The robots in this environment consist of a modified version of the Segway Robotic Mobility Platform. The RMP has been outfitted with a perception system and soccer ball manipulators including a kicker and catcher that allow the robot to identify its dynamic environment and react to it.

An article on my research: article (I was absent for the pics.)

Some Robot Videos


In December 2005, I worked on a short project with the Sony QRIO, Sony's humanoid robot, involving the creation of new and complex motions and dances for the QRIO. I hope to be working with the QRIO more extensively later this year.

Past Research

Summer Internships

NASA Robotics Academy, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - Greenbelt, MD, Summer 2006

Worked on developing a ground testbed to study contact dynamics of a robotic space arm for servicing and deorbiting of the Hubble Space Telescope. A description of the project can be found here.

Maui High Performance Computing Center - Maui, HI, Summer 2005

Worked on a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) project using Cobalt, a CFD analysis flow solver, to design the layout of the new MHPCC supercomputer room.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Livermore, CA, Summer 2004

Worked under physicists Frank Handler and Alex Pertica using the Remote Optical Characterization Sensor Suite (ROCSS) in the High Explosives Application Facility (HEAF) performing experiments and analyzing spectroscopy data for a Top Secret project.


Senior Design Project, Checker-Playing Robot - United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD, 2004-2005

Designed a system in which a 5 DOF robotic manipulator plays a game of checkers with a human opponent. The system is controlled through MATLAB by a color camera image that stores the state of the checkerboard and decides the appropriate action based upon the state of the board.

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