I write code and do UIs for William Cohen's lab in the Machine Learning department of the School of Computer Science at CMU. You can find my complete CV online. My recent history is as follows:

I pay attention to how my code is organized, and work to minimize code duplication and other hacks wherever possible. I transform deadline-driven code into reusable workhorses, and prototypes into solid software that can process data quickly at scale. I'm diagram-driven, and generally produce UI sketches as well as domain, class, and sequence diagrams as a part of my normal development process. This habit becomes invaluable when it comes to generating documentation and passing projects on. I have some basic background in user-oriented design, and furthered my study of the topic through coursework in the MHCI program at CMU. Thanks is very much due to my contact with John Zimmerman's teams, which grounded our projects in real user habits, needs, and goals, and convinced me that good design provides an excellent avenue through which academia can become accessible to the public.