The Betensky Kraut Family Album
Leon's Aden photos, 1947-1948
Under construction. Intro: from Ch. VIII

Captions verbatim.

Burned-out Jewish boys' school in Aden (King George V School). The Girls' school next to it was also burned and gutted in dec. 1947. The barricade in the foreground closed entry to the Jewish streets.

The skeleton of the Jewish boys' school. I don't know whether the buildings behind it are my part of crater.
The school, with passers-by.
Arab picture of Jewish building burning on Dec. 3, 1947.

Cars owned by Jews being burned on Dec. 3, 1947. This picture, taken by Arabs, shows looters struggling for a piece of cloth from bolts taken from Jewish stores, Dec. 1947.

Remembering Tisha b'Av, outside the Aden synagog [Leon's preferred spelling], 1948.

Another Tisha b'Av photo outside the synagog.
The Aden synagog, inside. This picture was taken especially for me, presumably in secret, summer 1948.

A view of the Aden synagog showing the high ark at one end and the bima in the center, 1948.
View of Camp Hashed, summer 1948.

Camp Hashed group posing for me, summer 1948.
Those who lived in the street leaned their beds against a wall during the day, so as not to block the alley,1948.

View of Camp Hashed with hanging laundry, summer 1948.
Little boy in Hashed posing for me, summer 1948. Camp Hashed. Little boy standing in a Yemenite oven (tanoor), summer 1948.

Adenite Jew posing for me, summer 1948. Two Yemenite Jews in Aden, summer 1948.

The Hechalutz group. Yitzhak Shor is the boy in white, front row. On his left is one of the nurses' aides of the hospital. The girl directly behind her is probably Margalit of Inbal [later the Israeli dance troup]. 1948.

The hospital at Camp Hashed. The man on your left is Mori Awad, leader of the Yemenites in Aden (not in Camp Hashed), who was rabbi, teacher, shochet. Slonim, the nurse, is in white. 1948.

Going-away party for nurse Slonim, July 22, 1948 [coincidentally, this was Mala and Leon's anniversary].

Standing: servant. At head of table: Leon. Clockwise, to Leon's left, back to front: Danon*, Slonim*, Simon*, unidentified girl, Benjamin*, unidentified girl, unidentified man. Counterclockwise, to Leon's right, back to front: Berger*, Shier*, a teacher, Tuvya*, another teacher, an Italian man. Abuisak was not invited. Feinberg could not come.

*These are shlichim

On this picture of the party you have a glimpse of the nurse Luna Danon on my left.

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