Kevin Pratt

I'm a second-year PhD student in the Computer Science Department at CMU. I am interested in theory. My advisor is Ryan O'Donnell.

Publications and Preprints

Kevin Pratt. Faster Algorithms via Waring Decompositions. link

John C. Bowers, Philip L. Bowers, and Kevin Pratt. Rigidity of circle polyhedra in the 2-sphere and of hyperideal polyhedra in hyperbolic 3-space. Accepted to appear in the Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. arXiv preprint

Kevin Pratt. Closed-Form Expressions for the n-Queens Problem and Related Problems. International Mathematics Research Notices, 12 July 2017. arXiv preprint

Kevin Pratt, Connor Riley, and Donald R. Sheehy. Exploring Circle Packing Algorithms. SOCG: Symposium on Computational Geometry (Multimedia Session), 2016. link