Kris M. Kitani



Systems Scientist in the Robotics Institute,
Computer Vision Group at Carnegie Mellon University (Nov 2013)

Cooperative Research Fellow in the Sato Lab,
at the University of Tokyo



Activity Forecasting:

Predicting future actions before they happen using physical scene features

(ECCV 2012)

Best Paper Runner-up ECCV 2012

EgoAction Analysis:

Discovering first-person action categories using ego-motion analysis (MIRU 2010, CVPR 2011)


Discovering action categories using hand motion and interactive objects

(VS 2008, MIRU 2008)

Best Student Paper MIRU 2008

Best Journal Paper IEICE 2010

Learning Activity Grammars:

Discovering the grammar of activities from noisy visual observations

(WMVC 2007, IJPRAI 2008)


Coupled Gaze & Motion Analysis:

Recognizing first-person actions from gaze and ego-motion (ECV2012)

Image Sonification:

Exploration of visual image features via sonic feedback (AH2011)

Human-centric Image Stitching:

Preserving people in composite panoramic images (AH 2012)

Algorithmic Musical Augmentation:

Stochastic context-free grammars for on-the-fly percussion accompaniment (NIME 2010)


Image processing for spinning cameras (UIST 2012, AH 2013) *

Probabilistic Grammars for Recognition:

Representation and inference over hierarchical structures of human activity (VS-PETS 2005)

BallCam! Demo Video:

  1. 1.Teaching Computational Photography (Fall 2013) at CMU

  2. 2.Paper accepted to ICCV 2013

  3. 3.Received the Outstanding Reviewers Award at CVPR 2013

  4. 4.FPV hand-detection paper accepted to CVPR 2013

  5. 5.BallCam project in the NewScientist, Popular Mechanics and Wall Street Journal

  6. 6.Received Best Paper Award Honorable Mention for Activity Forecasting at ECCV 2012


Tracking in Crowds:

Using individual appearance and gait frequency to track in crowds

(ICCV 2009)

  1. *We note here similar ideas have been implemented or proposed but not included in our camera ready paper. See our extended AH2013 paper for more details.
    1938 RKO-Radio Pictures (placed a video camera in a flying football),
    1992 Sandia Labs [DART project] (rotating image sensor and ground registration)
    2009 S. Hollinger [] (multi-camera, multi-sensor ball for in-flight imaging)

Ego-Centric Hand Detection:

Robust pixel-wise detection of hands for first-person vision (FPV)

CVPR 2013

Postdoc at CMU with Martial Hebert and Drew Bagnell (2011-2013)

Assistant professor at UEC Tokyo  (2008-2011)

Visiting scholar at UCSD with Serge Belongie  (2010)

University of Southern California (BS, Electrical Engineering)

University of Tokyo (MS, PhD)