I am from Sri Lanka. I was born in Neervely, a small village in Jaffna. But for the most part, I grew up in Mount Lavinia/ Colombo, down south in Sri Lanka's capital. Nothing compares to life and weather back home. Here's a nice video about Sri Lanka.


At Moratuwa, I worked with Ranga Rodrigo on Vision, ML and related areas. I did my thesis with Chulantha Kulasekere, which, for the most part, was on embedded development. My B.Sc was very different to what I am doing right now. Then, I worked on Embedded Linux, Electronics, FPGAs and built mobots.


In Spring 2015, I TA-ed 10-704: Information Theory and Learning with Aarti Singh.

In Fall 2014, I TA-ed 10-715: Advanced Introduction to Machine Learning with Eric Xing and Barnabas Poczos.