Lab Instructions

The machines in the graphics cluster are named: where # is an integer between 1 and 25.
To setup your account so that you can log into the machines in the graphics cluster, follow these steps.
  1. In your Andrew home directory in AFS, make a directory called 15-497
  2. cd /afs/andrew/usr/<user>
    mkdir 15-497
  3. Change to the new directory.
  4. cd 15-497
  5. In the new directory set the access rights for system:campusnet to rl. This can be done with
  6. fs sa . system:campusnet rl
    Note that the directory 15-497 must be readable by everyone, so do not store assignment-related files there!
  7. In that directory create a file called .klogin which contains only the line
  8. <user>@ANDREW.CMU.EDU
  9. Create another file called .login which contains all commands to be be called during login. Two lines that would be convenient to have in there would be
  10. kinit <user>@ANDREW.CMU.EDU
    they will get the required Kerberos and Andrew tickets.
  11. when logging into one of the machines your login ID will be
  12. <user>@ANDREW.CMU.EDU
    and your password will be your normal Andrew password.